Barre is a full body workout concentrating on areas women struggle with the most: seat, thighs, hips, abdominals and arms. Utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to great music. Our Barre technique is low impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. The Barre class will typically have a strengthening section followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk. The Barre technique works to defy gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up. Barre is the most effective way to change your body. You can see results in just 10-12 classes! For optimal results, classes should be taken at least 3-4 times a week. Have fun and get used to the shake!


Get ready for the shakes! It means your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue, which is a good thing! Your goal is to have the muscle group you are targeting during a specific section of class shake every time. After the shake you will stretch, to elongate the muscle while they are warm and malleable. This leads to long, lean muscles. Barre Sculpt is unique blend of traditional and contemporary barre methods. We use small controlled movements, as well as weights, to sculpt and tone the core, hips, legs, upper body and seat. Take more time to set up each sprint and learn a deeper understanding of the exercise. The Barre Sculpt classes take place at the barre with some mat work. Sticky socks or bare feet are required. All levels Welcome!


For intermediate/advanced. Expect the same class format as Barre Sculpt, however, you will be challenged to work harder to achieve an ultimate workout.


Hello arms and seat! Ready to feel your triceps, biceps and backside talking to you? Barre Burn takes our Barre Sculpt and turns up the heat by bringing extra focus and attention to our most visible spots. The arm reps will strengthen tone and banish any arm jiggle while our seat sculpting sequence will make everything right and tight. Thigh based interludes ensure maximum calorie burn followed by an ab-melting exercise and floor stretches to have you firm and fabulous. Sticky socks or bare feet are required. Some Barre Class background required.


‘Always remember your focus determines your reality’