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Mixing up your workout is key to staying motivated. Our excellent instructors are also availabe for 30, 45, and 60 minutes sessions for private or semi-private Barre - your way.
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What are clients saying about Barre?

“I really like how the class focuses on posture
and using the less large but equally as strong muscles of the legs, hamstrings, and calves.
It has taught me about balancing the body.

The isolation of the muscles is great also!
My “seat” seems to be creeping back up where it was, oh so long ago! And, I've discovered a
new muscle in my shoulder, which makes
my neck feel better.
It's fun, hard work.” —- Q. Lawrence

Balans Barre is a Pilates, dance, isometrics and floor work hybrid routine that tones every major muscle group using a ballet barre and mats. It is the most targeted body sculpting work-out. The workout emphasizes flexibility and low-impact moves that protect your joints. You will quickly and safely reshape your body practicing these strength and stretching routines.

Barre targets the most calorie-hungry muscle-groups: your legs and arms and keeps them working at an intense pace. Barre challenges the body’s strength and endurance throughout the class.

During class you’ll alternate between exercises that require intense bursts of energy and deep stretches. The benefit to this format is that it produces both high caloric burn and firmer muscle mass. It lifts your seat, elongates your muscles and improves posture. You use your own body weight to isolate, strengthen and ultimately sculpt major muscle groups.

NEW Barre-Lates
A vigorous class packed with heart pumping beats and sequences using Ballet Barre, Pilates, light weights, balls and of course your own upper body. This class will challenge you for 55 minutes! We also incorporated some brief cardio interval training that will shed pounds and help you create long lean muscles and a strong upper body. The remaining of the class will be followed by lengthening/strengthening techniques. You will need socks for this class.

Barre Sculpt
Sculpt and tone in this 55 minute full-body workout. We target the areas we love to work out the most: the arms, abdominals, thighs and gluteus. The class is comprised of interval strength training, isometric hold, and deep, luxuriating stretches, all working to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and develop those shapely lines. We promote camaraderie and personal guidance in every class.

Barre Sculpt+
For intermediate/advanced. Expect the same class format as Barre Sculpt, however, you will be challenged to work harder to achieve an ultimate workout.

Barre Cardio
Maximize your calorie burn in this 55 minute workout. The class combines toning and sculpting sections from Barre Sculpt with high intensity cardio intervals. This class is designed to raise your heart rate, maximize calorie burn, and increase endurance, all while strengthening and shaping your muscles. Personal attention for maximun results is key.

Barre Cardio+
For intermediate/advanced. Expect your familiar format as Barre Cardio, however, we take it up a notch to challenge you to achieve your ultimate potential.

Barre Burn
This Balans Barre Burn incorporates all the muscle of Barre Sculpt and the extra calorie burn of Barre Cardio. Come ready to tone and burn. Pack in the power with a 55 minute muscle fatigue class.


Each class begins with a warm up, then focuses on intense leg and “seat” work at the bar, and then moves into isolated light free weight training for the arms, back and core.

The class then moves to the mat for additional core work and stretching. Every exercise includes active stretching which helps to elongate the muscles you have just worked.

What are the Ultimate Benefits of BALANS Barre?
• Reduce inches and fat
• Develop great posture
• Waist-trimming, a strong core
• Sculpt lean tapered legs and arms
• Get that lifted seat
• Firm, elongated muscles
• Increased energy

What to Wear?
Comfortable exercise attire, preferably socks or light dance shoes.

The studio will sell socks in the very near future.


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