FitFabFast Boot Camp

The effectiveness of our ‘FitFabFast’ Boot Camp Program makes for an excellent routine that you can follow to get in a better shape, lose weight and enjoy many health benefits when done correctly. Our ‘FitFabFast’ Camp includes basic exercise such as push up, squat and even jumping jacks. However, there are other exercises, like resistance bands, TRX and other various weights and form of resistance, that are performed as well to help you get your muscles in good shape. You will not only burn calories as you perform the exercises, but also when you are active between workout sessions; we call this “After Burn” – This is because the resistance exercises help build lean muscles tissues that consume more energy as they recover and grow. This is why the combination of exercises creates greater definition and a leaner body. Basically the more healthy lean muscle your body has, the more calories and body fat you burn overall.


‘What if I fall? Oh, my darling what if you fly’