Josefin Kennedy

Founder of Balans Studio, Yoga 200Hr RYT, TRX Group Exercise Certification

Catherine Odderstol

Why I teach: When I initially began yoga, I had no idea that it would catapult me into a healthier lifestyle & the discipline to pursue greater mind - body - spirit consciousness. It has not only deepened my existing faith, it has opened me up to infinite possibilities in every form of my being. I find a deep sense of purpose & satisfaction teaching every aspect of yoga, on and off the mat. For me, teaching yoga is the intersection of passion & ability -- finding meaning in what I do and loving it!

My favorite pose or exercise: Savasana! Sounds weird but it's been where I have grown the most in my practice.

My fuel: Yoga & meditation more and more! Add high doses of nutrition, water, savasana (deep relaxation), spiritual growth, connecting with nature, learning & trying new things. I love my coffee, but trying to rely on it less and less!

A perfect day off: Right now, hiking/camping in the Shenandoah with my guy tops the list. Being in nature and being in relationship are essentials. Doing anything exploring the natural world with loved ones is ideal.

My proudest moment: I love setting lofty goals and meeting new challenges. The moment I determine my willpower is stronger than any obstacle, I am proud. Even prouder if I can help or inspire another to do the same.

Yoga 200Hr RYT

Donna Parker

Why I teach: Our parents taught us that our gifts are to be shared with others, not just saved for ourselves. My love of fitness and healthy living was born out of a desire to learn from experts in the field, and incorporate what I learn into my own life experiences. Sharing my knowledge with others is my passion as well as my gift.

My favorite pose or exercise: The Pilates Teaser is my favorite! It requires proper breathing, core strength, body awareness and control all at the same time. I find the Teaser challenging each and every time I execute it.

My fuel: I prefer to eat 5-6 small balanced meals daily. Adequate sleep and proper hydration are also necessary so that the body can perform at its best.

A perfect day off: My perfect day off is spent with my family. My youngest son just left for college and those days are few and far between. I am reenergized when we can all manage to be in the same place at the same time.

My proudest moment: I've had so many proud moments, but watching our 3 sons take care of their 92 year old grandmother with such strength and love probably tops the list.

ACE Personal Trainer Certification, ACE Group Fitness Certification, Pilates Institute of Americas Certification, TRX Group Exercise Certification, Schwinn Cycle Certification

Brandi Bryden

Why I teach: I love the strength and clarity I experience through yoga, and want to share the joy I get from each class with others.

My favorite pose or exercise: Without a doubt it's the full body work-out of Surya Namascars, or Sun Salutations. With great music, a fast pace and creativity, this series of poses quickens the breath, strengthens and stretches the body and engages the mind.

My fuel: I love experimenting in the kitchen, trying new recipes and different cuisines. I try to keep things as healthy as I can, but everyone deserves an indulgence every now and then!

A perfect day off: Would be on a beach, sun shining, calm waves for gentle swimming and a good book.

My proudest moment: My proudest moments come when I see growth and happiness in my children. My family makes me proud and gives me the strength to get better every day.

Yoga 200Hr RYT

Debbie Abbott

Why I teach: Because it's in my blood. I started teaching classes right out of college in July, 1987, and I'll never stop. I've been involved in many different arms of the fitness and nutrition industry, and teaching classes is still my favorite thing in the world! It's So Fun!

My favorite pose or exercise: Intense Pose, because I love squats.

My fuel: I'm a Real Whole Foodie: My breakfasts and lunches are typically smoothies made from raw eggs, different greens, different berries, collagen, sometimes protein powder, assorted spices, always turmeric, always rose hips, sometimes avocados/bananas/ beets/coconut oil. Dinners are always meat, and a ton of vegetables, smothered in either kerry gold butter or olive oil. I'm like a vegetarian who eats meat. I haven't had grains in about 6 years, and sugar is rare. Cheese (raw), a few times a week. Organic coffee with raw cream! (we belong to 2 Dairies) Yum. All my waters have apple cider vinegar in them.

A perfect day off: Paddle boarding with my husband on a river or a reservoir or the bay.

My proudest moment: I have 4 daughters, they're all young adults now. All my proud moments are centered around them.

Yoga 200Hr RYT, TRX Group Exercise Certification, ACE Group Fitness Certification, ACE Personal Trainer Certification, Nutritional Therapist with the Nutritional Therapy Association

Bridgetta Sedlak

Why I teach: LOVE it and truly want others to learn to move, if they don't already. So exciting for me to see that grin on a new client's face when they "get" the movement, when they see results, and understand the health benefits. I also love to challenge the more advanced exerciser.

My favorite pose or exercise: Gosh so many. Love curtsey squats, love grande battements, and I love the squishy balls.

My fuel: My passion to help others get healthy. My children telling me "Mum, we're so proud of you". Opportunities to continually improve myself and stay educated and on top of current trends and safety.

A perfect day off: Time spent with my children, spending a day at the beach, taking a barre class, a delicious lunch - I love to eat and try new foods, a nice glass of red wine, spending time with our Angels in Haiti

My proudest moment: Many, but probably the most recent when my twins took off for college last year and adapting so beautifully, continually becoming more confident, kind, loving, funny, young adults.

Barre Above Certification, Piloxing Barre Certification, PiYo Certification

Rosemary Evans

Why I Teach: Teaching has been an integral part of my family's experience for generations in many forms from academia to the Arts. We love to share our passion and excitement and hope to inspire others to explore what we love. My passion is yoga. From my first yoga class I was hooked by not only the pure joy of practicing the asanas but also the wealth of history, philosophy and spirituality that embodies the yogi experience. You can stick to the physical practice or explore all eight limbs of yoga, it's up to each of us to explore and develop our own practices. Observing and guiding others in taking their practice to whatever level they choose is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga.

Favorite Pose or Exercise: It's very hard to choose a favorite pose. It's almost like asking to pick a favorite child! But, if I have to choose, then it would be forward folds of all kinds. Forward folds are so mentally calming and at the same time physically lengthening. This combination makes forward folds my go to poses.

My Fuel: My family and teaching are my fuel. I'm blessed with two wonderful sons and a beautiful bunch of amazing students.

A Perfect Day Off: A perfect day off would include time spent outside on a beautiful day with my family, a delicious yoga practice with fellow yogis and a delicious dinner.

Proudest Moment: Without a doubt my proudest moment was becoming a mother. There is no greater gift, for me, than to have been blessed with my children and the opportunity to raise them to be the best people they can be.

Yoga 200Hr RYT, Yin Yoga Certification

Becky Conser

‘We are not a team because we work together! We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other’